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Youth Empowerment Coalition

Mission: To help with underprivileged  youth to empower them and engage them in education, Christian seminars, Christian movies, Logic games, Workmanship skills, a.  To help them seek motivation to achieve, by focusing on their education and goals.Empowering them through youth programs and mentorship to prevent gang involvement and dropout prevention and at risk of becoming involved, in the juvenile or criminal justice system

CEO/ Rev.Dr Rodney Coles Sr

Phone: 252 717-9600



Youth Incarceration Ministry

The ministry came about through the Prison Ministry which was started by Pastor Gregory V. Black under the umbrella ministry of St. John Missionary Baptist Church Soul-Saving Center. 

The mission of the Youth Incarceration Ministry is to Enrich, Empower, and Educate our youth by guiding them in the right direction in life through ministry and partnerships with local law enforcement.  We hope to encourage the youth to make better decisions that will allow them to become productive citizens and lead productive lives.  While ministering in the prison ministry, the Lord touched Brother Eddie Godley’s heart to start the Youth Incarceration Prevention Ministry.  The vision was given to Brother Godley from God, and he relayed it to Pastor Black.   With Pastor Black’s blessings, he began working towards carrying out the vision of the Youth Incarceration Prevention Ministry. 


Contact Brother Eddie Godley's

Phone: 252 341-

Dad On Point

Making a connection to promote education and values towards building relationships with your child, so they can be positive role models in society. To establish a re-connection with Dads and their children. To re-build relationships with Dads and their children after re-entry into society

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