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Crossing The Bridge
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Dads On Points

Dads On Point

Making a connection to promote education and values towards building relationships with your child, so they can be positive role models in society. To establish a re-connection with Dads and their children. To re-build relationships with Dads and their children after re-entry into society

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Youth Program

Traditionally, the youth worker has been a standalone role incorporated into the services offered by local authorities. Now, there is a breadth of jobs and sectors where working with young people plays a dominant role, and where the skills and knowledge of youth workers are in demand; from criminal justice to social care, across the private and voluntary sectors.

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Business Entrepreneurship Opportunities

We work with individuals who want to create their own or start their own Business,  and use the skills they have to help those who are:

Recently re-entering society from incarceration

Living in the community and want to start their own business

Need more training on where to begin the process




Mentor Program is committed to giving our children and youth leadership development skills to succeed in life.  Together, youth and adult volunteers participate in interactive workshops, team building exercises, leadership development, and focus on a specific theme, such as goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution, effective communication and teamwork.  The youth mentoring program is an opportunity for youth to develop a personal plan for success through fun, interactive learning sessions with peer

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Job Readiness

Job Readiness has a different definition for each job.  Generally, Job Readiness is based on what employers are looking for – are you ready for the kind of job you are looking for, and would an employer agree with this decision? Job readiness training can consist of a few different things. Usually, skills training helps employees to develop or fine-tune the skills they will use on the job.Job readiness training is an important aspect of starting any new job, and it is important to take seriously 

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Who we are:  Volunteer Clergy’s who are part of the Interfaith Chaplain program from the community who goes out and assist in emergencies.  Interfaith Clergy’s work with all religions regardless of your religious affiliation.

Behavioral Health

Conditions may lead to or include: Job loss,  Chronic disease, drinking, using drugs, relationship or health issues,  trying to lose weight, trying to quit smoking and possible incarceration



Workshops will be done to discuss Housing Rights, Disability Rights, Expunging a criminal record, and the job labor laws

Real Men Talk

Mentoring men who have been incarcerated and working with men who have not been incarcerated. To dialouge with discussion on how to be successful and productive men in society.  To have discussion on Families, Relationship, and Religions. Information will be available on Finance, Education, Legal Issues and Jobs. Sponsored by Interfaith Clergy,  LIFE Empowerment Center and Pitt Community College Outreach Department

Vocational Training

Education helps us acquire and facilitate: knowledge,skills, values, beliefs, and habits with or without the help of an educator.

Education is often seen as a prerequisite for success.

But, school and learning institutions has always been a bridge to accommodate the education of an individual.

Although, learners may also educate them self in a process called autodidacticlearning.


Healthy and nutritious food is given to those  who are in need in the community, and those who are Re-entering society from prision.  The food is given thourgh a voucher program.  A client intake form is needed in order to receive this service

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